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Fishing Skills

Dry fly, wet fly, nymph fishing, including Euro or Czech Nymphing


Understanding what trout and grayling eat is key to improving your catch rate

Reading the River

Reading the river, match the tactics to the conditions

Fly Tying

You’ll never beat the excitement of catching a fish on a fly you’ve tied yourself! But if you're not a fly tyer, please watch the sections on fly tying and you’ll be far better informed about which flies to buy

Knots and Leader Make Up

Learn about knots and leader make up for wet fly, dry fly and nymph fishing

A Few Surprises

We discover the odd surprise when sampling the insect life in a Yorkshire Dales river. This was just a baby one!

There’s an old saying… “90% of the fish are caught by 10% of the anglers.”

Entomology, fly tying, and fishing imitative patterns are not just for the advanced angler.

They are the Essential Skills you will need to become one of those anglers who catch 90% of the fish.

They are simple practical skills you can learn easily from watching these videos.

What the press said about the videos

“Learning from these is a pleasure.”

“Quite simply the best and most complete fly fishing and fly-tying videos we have ever seen!”

“Learning from these videos is a pleasure.”

“A vastly experienced angler with all the essential methods and flies at his fingertips.”

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